Schwarz, verhüllend, weiblich. Die Inszenierung von Trauer und der Wandel von Gendervorstellungen

Anna-Katharina Höpflinger


Socio-religious bourgeois representations of mourning reached a climax in the 19th century. The traditions practiced around graves, the mourning attire, and the norms regulating ones behaviourwere highly gendered: Mourningwas–based on the idea of the emotional woman and the rational man – something deemed “naturally” female. However, these mourning practices have changedover the course of the 20th century. A strong stimulus for these changes has been the transformation of gender concepts, especially the collective expectations of the ideal woman. This paper discusses the transformations of socio-religious mourning representations on the basis of the idea of gender-changes.


Trauerkleidung; sozioreligiöse Transformationen; Gender und Trauern im 19. und20. Jahrhundert; Tod, Religion und Gender




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