Islam in Europa – europäischer Islam?

Amena Shakir


This article deals with the crucial issue of Islam and Muslims in Europe. It discusses the challenges that Muslims face in European Societies, as well as the challenges that face the variety of Muslim Communities and Associations in Europe in their religious and cultural identity, their self-perception and their intra-religious relations. It describes furthermore
that the points of view of a large number of Muslim citizens who reside in Europe and view themselves as Europeans are looked at and questioned from a variety of positions from within as well as from outside. European Muslims are required to find structures for open and creative discussions and reflections on a multiplicity of topics and subjects related to their own living reality. The need for safe and protected spheres which guarantee these structures seems to be obvious to enable Muslims in their responsibility towards a society of common coexistence and mutual peaceful understanding.


Religion und Politik; MuslimInnen in europäischer Gesellschaft




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