Jeden Sonntag Pfingsten? Evangelische Kirche – Vielfalt durch Migration

Michael Bünker


Churches have been deeply affected by migration since day one. This article recalls the experiences that the Protestant churches in Austria have had with migration and describes how migration currently affects them. It outlines the different models of coexistence between migrant congregations and those in the recipient society and traces migrant congregations' stages of development. It also presents and addresses the issues for churches and religious communities that research on migration has revealed, reflects upon practical experience, and suggests potential ways forward. Bünker's proposal for the coexistence of churches with different cultural and ethnic characteristics is to apply a model of church fellowship based on the “Leuenberg Agreement”, as developed for the
Protestant Churches in Europe.


friedliche Koexistenz in Migrationsgesellschaften; Protestantische Kirche in Österreich;




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