Without mapping.Una rilettura di Gn 10,1–32–11,1–9 in prospettiva geoestetica

Guido Boffi


The image of the World as a (geographical, philosophical, political, cultural, religious) Whole has influenced and seduced thought, often to the extent of allowing it to lose its sight in what the world itself actually is: recursive connections between elements that lie within one another in dense relationships of interdependency. Not only has the “Whole/parts” conceptual pair – decisive to geography as well as to philosophical and political ontology – influenced ethnic categorisations, but even/also anthropological and theological evaluations: The Jewish exegesis of the tenth chapter of Genesis provides the prime example of this. Instead, the geo-aesthetic elects the migrating fragment which, expelled from the Whole and refused by the single parts, moves beyond and, from the
farthest edge of the new region of the world, claims a place to live, speak, work, and love in sociality.




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