Thematisierung von „Religion“ in der österreichischen Politikwissenschaft. Status Quo, Tendenzen und kritische Anmerkungen

Farid Hafez


This article examines the relevance of religion in the Austrian political science-landscape. Based on research conducted by political scientists Kenneth D. Wald & Clyde Wilcox (2006) and Steven Kettell (2012), who see an underexposed position of religion in USpolitical science, this article raises the question of the relevance of religion in the Journal of Austrian Political Science. A content analysis will be conducted for all volumes published between 2000 and 2015. This analysis will be compared to findings from an analysis of the Austrian Journal of Sociology. Findings show that compared to the USA, as well as to the Austrian Journal of Sociology, religion is addressed significantly more often in the Journal of Austrian Political Science. This is explained by: 1. especially engaged political scientists in the research on religion, and: 2. a comparably small size of political science landscape in Austria.


Vergleich wissenschaftlicher Fachzeitschriften; Analyse der politikwissenschaftlichen Forschungslandschaft




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