Interpretation und Bündnis. Anregungen von Klaus Heinrich und Gianni Vattimo für eine nicht-fundamentalistische Re-Interpretation des christlichen Narrativs

Jakob Deibl


This article asks for the genuine resources of the Christian narrative against fundamentalist tendencies within (Christian) religion. It presupposes that critical reflection on religion and reflection within religion cannot be separated from each other: Critique of Religions and illumination processes within them must always be combined. In the first chapter I examine three types of fundamentalism according to three main questions highlighted by the philosopher Klaus Heinrich concerning identity, language, and self-destruction. In the second chapter, I refer to these questions by looking at important motives of Gianni Vattimo’s re-interpretation of Christianity. In the last chapter I ask whether the motives picked up in Heinrich and Vattimo can find their centre within the biblical term covenant.


Religionskritik, Fundamentalismus




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