De-formazioni in corso. Mutamenti nella struttura religiosa del cattolicesimo italiano

Luca Diotallevi


During the last forty years Italian Catholicism has experienced a deep change. It can be directly observed focusing on the Catholic religious authority structure in Italy (CRASI). It shows both a quantitative as well as a morphological change. From the quantitative point of viewCRASI has lost a lot of organizations and a lot of clerical (male and female) human resources. From the morphological point of view the CRASI has become more centralized, more verticalized and – at the same time – its top/down channels are now multiplied and strongly diversified each from the other. Finally, the change in the CRASI has been interwined with deep changes occurring in nonreligious areas of Italian Catholicism. Among others, Italian political Catholicism offers only the best example of the radical demise in the extra religious relevance of Italian Catholicism.


Italian Catholicism; Transformations in the Italian Church; CRASI


PDF (Italiano)


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